Pacifico at Noon

Just Another Weekend
Just Another Weekend

Just Another Weekend

So maybe you came here to check if there is any new music… and yeah, we’ve got you covered!

„Just Another Weekend“ starts with a ballad and feels somehow mellow, but as the guitars kick in, the track slightly drops into EDM.

Released on March 11 2022. You can also get the track on Bandcamp.

Pacifico at Noon: Malte Murwig & Marco Kühlert
Pacifico at Noon is a German production duo consisting of Malte Murwig and Marco Kühlert. Their music can be described as Indietronica and is heavily inspired by dance music, electro pop and punk rock.

„Without You“
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Primitivo – the first EP by Pacifico at Noon
Release date: April 2, 2021

Primitivo contains the singles „Somebody Like You“ and „Caught Up In a Dream“, a newly mastered version of „Up All Night“ and a club remix of „Reminiscing.


Up All Night
Released on 01.01.2021 – new year, new music


Dance Before We Die – Release Date: October 9, 2020

Listen to our new track „Dance Before We Die“